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RC Helicopters - The Greatest Hobby on earth!
I have been flying RC Helicopters for just over a year and a half. I have had more fun flying Helicopters than any other hobby I have ever ventured into.

I will list the helis I own as well as the setup I have for each one.

I hope you enjoy RC Helis as much as I do.
Hirobo GPH 346
* OS 46FX-H engine
* KSJ Competition muffler
* MS 600mm CF blades
* MS 80mm CF tail blades
* JR R950s 10Ch receiver
* (3) Futaba 9201 servos
* (1) Futaba 9202 servo
* GY 401 Gyro & 9253 Servo
* JR 1800 maH battery

Upgrades include:
* Delrin Main Gear
* Metal Tail Pitch slider
* Metal Mixing Arms
* Metal Auto Rotation Hub
* Metal Tail Servo mount
* Metal Tail belt guide
* KSJ Header tank
JR Vigor (left) and Hirobo GPH 346 (right)
This is a picture of me holding my son Justin. This is at a time when my fleet consisted of a Hirobo GPH 346 and a JR Vigor. To date, the JR Vigor is still my #1 choice of RC Helicopter.

Hirobo Freya
* OS 61 WC engine
* KSJ Competition muffler
* MS 680mm CF blades
* NHP 95mm CF tail blades
* JR R950s 10Ch receiver
* (3) JR 8411 servos
* (1) Futaba 9202 servo
* JR 5000t Gyro & 8700 Servo
* JR 2700 maH battery

Upgrades include:
* Metal Radius Block
* Metal Radius Guide
* Metal Servo Arms
* Metal Throttle Arm
* Metal Thumb Screws
* KSJ Header tank

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More Tips
If you're interested in learning more about RC Helicopters, visit my Favorite Links page.

Hirobo Freya
This is the latest addition to my Fleet. The Hirobo Freya. I have just recently gotten the engine to SCREAM - so I expect great things from this heli. Thus far I am very impressed with the way it flies INVERTED, and the way it LOOPS.
Freya Website - Click Here